Day: November 22, 2016

  • The reason of diseases

    There is a book out there. It was written by Groddeck, an unusual German psychoanalyst who lived at the time of Freud. The name of the book is: “The book of the it”. What a title, eh? In the book, Groddeck shares his view on people being sick. Now, before anyone screams about his theories, […]

  • No rhythm.

    There are all kinds of students. Sometimes you get the novice, sometimes you get the pro. You never know what’s in the box of chocolate. But, the ones that are truly fascinating (the students, not the chocolates), are the ones who claim to have no rhythm. What is a drum teacher to do with someone […]

  • American

    Something I pondered. I was looking for a watch. I saw the brand Hamilton, supposedly a reputable American icon… but it’s made in Switzerland now. I got one, nonetheless. It ticks and tocks all right. I would have preferred if it was American though. I got it before I knew it wasn’t. I was looking […]

  • Teaching approach

    There is not one way of teaching. There are not two ways either. I think there are a thousand ways of teaching piano or drums. To me, the fascinating part is this: trying to adjust according to the personality and wishes of the student. And I want to adjust so that we meet, so that […]

  • Brian Chippendale

    I just saw a band called Lighting bolt. The drummer is Brian Chippendale. He has a very strong personality. I would even say he’s crazy. Good crazy. Great crazy. He plays loudly on one of these garbage drums made out of some rotten material. He is fast, obnoxious, he throws his whole being into the […]