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A lot of aspiring professionals come to see me.  They usually are people who have been on the scene for awhile.  They have tried different ways to break through,  they haven’t been able to make satisfying progress.  That’s why they have come to my studio:  to get a
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When I started teaching, I went with the guide lines my teachers gave me.  Everyone had the same kind of lesson. But, as I encountered more and more different students, the cookie cutter method showed it’s limits.  It got me thinking that there was not one way of teaching.
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Vinnie Colaiuta

Vinnie Colaiuta is regarded as one of the best drummers of our times and with reasons! This guy actually played on a heavy metal album with Megadeth and a week later recorded a jazz big band album with Paul Anka.  Very few in the drumming world are able to change their hat and
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