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The sound of summer in Paris

When I lived in Paris, people would come visit in the summer and tell me that the city was crowded, impossible to manage with all these people every where. And I remember thinking: “Absolutely not! Listen to that! The city is empty, or, at least, running low on people.” It is
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All music in a kitchen

Music is fun! I would even argue that music is the most fun a human being can have. I give you a kitchen with standard equipment. I give you a bunch of kids from 3 to 77 years old. I give you the will to make something happening that is not cooking and, cataclop-cataclop! we have
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It used to be that all the good gigs for drummers involved reading. I can confirm the fact and tell you that, to this day, the most profitable gig I’ve ever done implied that I know how to read. It is such an essential part of being a musician that when I went to Berklee
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