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The mission 3

But Music is not a mission, and Music is not an absolute. Music must be tailored to the dimensions of the person playing it. Only then will we have the chance to hear what is inside his heart, which is the only truly interesting part of Music. Music must be practiced and played
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The mission 2

That is where we use one lesson to talk. We need to sort a few things out. In particular this all so important question: what is Music? Bob sits down and is willing to talk. He explains to me all the techniques he is not getting, what he should be understanding faster, what he
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The mission

It is hard to understand what music is about. As someone’s who’s been teaching this art for almost 3 decades, I must say that sometimes the work gets delicate and complicated. I have a student, let’s call him Bob, who has done everything he was supposed to do. He has picked up
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