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That old pad

I remember when I first started, back when the dinosaurs were not yet created, I didn’t have a pad. I had a pair of sticks. That’s it. Sticks and nothing else. I traveled light. But everywhere I would go, I would be drumming. There was always a surface, flat or not so flat, to
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Building a right foot

As a drum teacher, I often get ask how to build a right foot, a bass drum foot. The subject is extremely important because the bass drum is one of the prominent voice of almost any rock/funk groove and requires a lot of dexterity. To play singles, the training is fairly simple:
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Young pupils

Young pupils should be taught music with games. And, the younger they are, the more playful the games. I was almost ready to write : “the younger they are, the silliest the game”. Yet, I am convinced that is the best way to learn, when we don’t think of a task as a chore, a duty,
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