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When you know

As a self employed person, I am constantly hit by questions only I can solve. Questions about my schedule. Questions about my teaching concepts. Questions about my budget. My hopes. My plans. My relationships with people. Because everything affects everything, because all in my
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Old turf

I went to Boston for Easter vacation. It was nice. I went with my family. Great people. The best on earth. I remember Boston very well. That is where I studied. At Berklee. That is where I discovered America. I was fragile at the time. I didn’t know if I could make it as a
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Who’s got dirt?

Is there a case made for the dirty playing, the sloppy technique, the approximate sounds you can get from an instrument? Yes. One name: Theolonius Monk. Another name: Singer Louis Armstrong. And Bob Dylan. Yes! Yes! Yes! We love those sounds. They create emotions from their very
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