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Few concepts on one rock beat: 3

Anchor points: In the rock beat accent the hi hat on the down beat (Which goes great for many rock songs.). Or accent the up beat (For a song like Heavy cloud no rain” by Sting.). Drummers should really understand what are the anchor points they need to emphasize in the beats
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Few concepts one rock beat: 2

Dynamics 1: The simplest way to approach it is to go from soft to loud and back while doing the rock beat. But playing soft is very difficult. Most of the time, the beat will lose its energy, its drive as the player struggles to feather his strokes. One way to sidestep that land
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Few concepts on one rock beat 1

One rock beat: 8th notes on the hi hat, snare on 2 and 4, bass drum on 1 and 3. Use this beat for all the different concepts. Simultaneity. This is when two or more sound sources happens at the same time. In a simple rock beat it means the bass drum and the snare drum must be
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