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Subtle power 3

I’ll give you the very skinny: Start with 2 levels. Just 2 levels. And stick to them for awhile. One of those levels will be with the sticks at 1/2 an inch above the drum head, the other level is the stick up 10 inches above the drum head. Get yourself a page of accent (Did
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Subtle power 2

The dynamics by contrast is based upon the principle of emphasizing the difference between soft and loud. I’ll give you a for instance. Hit a snare three time as soft as possible, now hit it one time medium loud. Do you hear the difference? No? Then you did it wrong. Try it
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Subtle power

There are a few ways to demonstrate power on the drum set. The first and most obvious one is through brutal force. The principle being that the harder you hit, the louder the sound. That works only up to a certain extent. Because if you hit the skin too hard, you end up choking
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