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Making peace with music part 3

Fun is a very important element of music. It is easy to remember, easy to pass on and easy to talk about. But how many people talk about it? How many do some books about it? Fun is in doing. Absolutely. And feeling. Yes. And understanding. Maybe. And studying. Whaaat?! Studying?
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Making peace with music part 2.

I want to talk about the process that gets a person to accept music into their life. They are many traps awaiting the potential hobbyist. The first one being that everybody knows what it is to be a musician. At any level. Anyone can tell you what being a musician is. Even if you
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Making peace with music part 1

I teach two kinds of students, mainly. The kind that is pro, and the kind that is not a pro and needs to understand how to make room for music in her life. This blog is about the second kind. The ones that will eventually make music their hobby. So, here goes a typical script.
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