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A dirty subject: Being responsible. Part 3

This blog is about being responsible. In the previous part, I have taken a fictional character named Dillinger and put him in a bad situation. (For more, read Part 1 and 2. It’s good, it’s great, the trip is worth it!) Dillinger was coming to Chicago with stars in his
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A dirty subject: Being responsible. part 2

  Now let’s stop messing around and go into the heart of it. Here’s a situation I hear about all the time: The person, let’s call him Dillinger, comes to Chicago. He wants to be a pro musician. Only he has no money and Chicago can be an expensive town. So,
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A dirty subject: Being responsible. part 1

Dirty subject, being responsible. Even bloody. That’s one I’ve been putting off for a long time. That area of being a pro musician is full of traps, of half truths, of misconceptions, of nerves and anger.  This is not tender meat. This is a rock concealed in a thick
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