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Working Artist
Matt Nelson

I interviewed many instructors before I began my studies. Sol is always open to my suggestions to “switch gears” with a lesson plan, but also recognizes when we need to refine my drumming. Overall, Sol is an outstanding teacher. He is always concerned with the progress of his students, challenging me to achieve my goals while still maintaining the sense of joy and pleasure that is so crucial to the creation of art.

Rebecca Louie

What impressed me (and continues to do so) about Sol is the thorough, academic approach he takes to teaching. Also, from the start, Sol has been extremely good at making sure that we study what I enjoy. During my first lesson, he sat me down, asked why I wanted to play the drums, what I hoped to get out of it, and what my long-term goals were. And every time we reach the end of a lesson, I get to choose where we go next. He is really preparing me, and all of his students, to be not just good drummers, but good, solid musicians.

Student & Father of a Student
Richard Casolari

I have had the pleasure to take drum, music and other life lessons from Sol Garnier since 1993. Not only is he a published author who speaks French fluently but is a musician’s musician and great teacher of drums for both the young and old. He has the patience, understanding, and experience to relate to his students on any musical level and will design a drum-teaching program that will give you confidence behind the drum kit.

Dedicated Hobbyist
Fred Smith

Here’s the thing, you can find lotsa people who are good drummers, even great drummers, who give lessons. But they can’t necessarily teach. Sol Garnier is a drum teacher who can instruct you in learning the things you want to learn. Sol will blow you away on his instrument, and then help you get better on yours. His patience is seemingly limitless, as is his passion for drumming, and his passion for teaching drumming. If you study with him long enough, you will also have a friend. So try him out! The benefit is all yours!!!!

Drum Teacher
Ken Ward

Sol’s approach to teaching is professional and friendly. As a fellow educator who has studied with him, I can assure anyone who studies with him that you will get full exposure to a great percussion curriculum that is tailored to your needs and interests. His clever approach to teaching gets you to play well technically, and more importantly, musically. Skills that I developed with Sol have aided me in my college and professional careers. I can’t thank him enough.

Performed & recorded with CAKE, Pete Escovedo
Andrew Griffin

Sol’s teaching changed my life. With his guidance and encouragement he set me on a path that would help me make the transition from drum enthusiast to professional drummer.

High school student

A little more than a year ago, I was faced with the challenge of finding a new drum teacher. I had been taking lessons for several years, but my previous instructor told me that he could no longer teach me and that I should find a more advanced teacher. My searching began near my home in Oak Park, but none of the local teachers matched the skill level I was at. Eventually my searching led me to Sol. After one lesson, I knew that Sol was the teacher for me. I enjoy every lesson, and I always find myself challenged by the assignments that Sol gives me. With a broad range of topics covered, the lessons never feel repetitive. From dynamics, to grooves, to fills, and even the occasional break to eat one of Sol’s homemade cupcakes, each lesson is more enjoyable than the last. Sol’s knowledge and passion for music are clearly present in every lesson, and he is a great guy. Even though he has a funny accent, if you’re looking for a great teacher, look no further than Sol Garnier.

Music Chair of The Chicago Academy for the Arts
Jason Patera

Mr. Garnier is easily among the best and most experienced music instructors in the Chicagoland area. He has a long history of success with students (many of whom are now working professionals across the country) and his current waiting list — in the highly competitive Chicago market — is partly due to a large number of word-of-mouth referrals. His curriculum is organized, planned, and paced very well, but is also highly adaptable to the students short- and long-term needs and goals.

Contributing writer for "Modern Drummer Magazine"
Terry Branam

I am very pleased to give my highest recommendation to Sol Garnier. Sol is a master teacher. His teachings reach far beyond the mere learning of an instrument. In fact, I have become a more complete person through the self improvement that goes along with becoming a musician. Sol has helped me shape my career through the high values and tireless work ethic that was formed within our studies. I learned what being a professional musician really means.

Author of Rhythmic Designs with Gavin Harrison
Contributing writer for Modern Drummer Magazine
Chief transcriber for
Drum Director at Red House Music Studio – Walnut Creek, CA

Parent of a six-year-old
Farrah Nudera

My daughter is way beyond my skill in music. I don’t even know what a chord is. I just hear them talk about it. I have to admit, when I hear her play John Lennon’s “Imagine,” I am impressed: she is 6!!!!!!!