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  • Progressive dynamics.

    Among my beginners, I get two types: the loud ones and the quiet ones. Either type has its own pros and cons. The boldness of the loud ones makes them good performers, not afraid of the audience and eager to share their music with others. The quiet ones are exploring the delicate cogs of a […]

  • The world of music

    I used to give lessons that were serious. I still do, when it is called for. Over the years, though, my teaching has been more fun for my students because they’ve been more fun for me. I’ve been adding many more things to lighten up the mood. Why? would you ask (Excellent question, by the […]

  • Making peace with music.

    The excitement in music is many fold. Let’s take a piano player. Or, more accurately, a piano student. If that person gets to play a little song on her first lesson, that would be exciting. If she can fit that melody to a silly little programmed beat, well, that’s even better! That might be difficult, […]

  • Charted territories

    I remember my first band. It was called Doctor Fox. We were in the deep of France, in Besancon, my hometown, but the name of our group was “Doctor Fox”, not “Docteur Renard”.  Go figure. It was a rock quartet: drum, bass, guitar and voice. We were emulating songs from another band, an english bar […]

  • A phrase.

    When I started to play I was mechanical. Everything I was doing was trying to put the cogs of the clock together. I was happy if my stuff was fitting together. That was enough for me to be able to play with other. Or so I thought. Actually, when I joined my first band, it […]

  • So slow

    Practicing is a weird state of mind. I can pile up the hours on a specific piece and not see any progress. For me, I’m exactly at the same step as I started. Discouraging. Woes is me! Sometimes, I try to quantize things. I would try the song or the exercise with a metronome and […]

  • Push the angle

    I am working on something new. It is kicking my butt. My mind and my body rebel against the concept. I just cannot make it mine. What to do? Push the angles, I say. Push-The-Angles! Let’s say I have a piece that full of obstacles and landmines. By the way, if the song has TOO […]

  • Assignments

    A student comes brand new at my door. Usually they’re a bit nervous, so, I try to put them at ease with jokes. All of them terrific, I can assure you. The student does or does not relax, but, at least, she’s able able to work. I always start easy. I know how the game […]

  • Trust

    Ah! Trust, what a subject! The big subject! The only subject to get a long term job in the music business, really. Let’s talk about it, shall we? When you go to an audition and you know you can play the drum parts they ask you to prepare, what will make the difference between you […]

  • Getting personal

    When a student enters my room, I don’t have any preconceived ideas. I look at her in the moment. I have only the faintest idea of what to expect. She could have had a great week of practice and be ready to tear it up on the piano. But she might have struggled to find […]