Something I pondered.

I was looking for a watch. I saw the brand Hamilton, supposedly a reputable American icon… but it’s made in Switzerland now. I got one, nonetheless. It ticks and tocks all right. I would have preferred if it was American though. I got it before I knew it wasn’t.

I was looking for a pair or Red Wing shoes. It is those working shoes that they wear in the construction business. The shoes that built America. Yes, those. In the store, there was one shelf that was “Made in America.” That represented maybe 15 pairs of shoes. Their price tag was twice the rest of the store. And the rest of the store was the Chinese made Red Wing shoes. Four walls of them. Again, the american made were on one shelf, the Chinese ones occupied 4 walls. American twice more expensive than the Chinese. I took the American pair nonetheless. 

I was looking for a bass guitar. Fender is a good brand, a good American brand. Proud to be American. But they also have a plant in Mexico.  By now, you know what I am about to say: the American made bass guitars are twice the price of the Mexican made ones. I took a Mexican one. Still works great after 12 years. No regrets. They call that bass a Blues Bass.

I want to buy American things, though. I like America. I traveled from very far because I love it here.