The reason of diseases

There is a book out there. It was written by Groddeck, an unusual German psychoanalyst who lived at the time of Freud. The name of the book is: “The book of the it”. What a title, eh?

In the book, Groddeck shares his view on people being sick. Now, before anyone screams about his theories, remember that Groddeck was a practicing doctor, and that he’s dead (And can’t hear your protest).

So, he says that if people are sick it is because they want to. And if they have accidents, same thing: they want to get injured. Bold theory. Controversial.

Now, how do we know what the sickness means? We need to look at the symptoms.

If we sniffle and can’t smell anything, it’s because something in our life stinks. Yes, just like that. Our subconscious uses a lot of sayings and expressions to manifest itself.

If we break a finger, it’s because there is something we can’t handle. If we have a headache, we have a hard time thinking about something, etc…

When we get sick, usually, we get a collection of symptoms. Aching body, sniffle and a fever, for example. So, it is up to the sick person to decipher the code (musicians love codes) and understand what it means. For the “harmless” sickness like the cold or a temporary painful joint, it’s fun to try and understand why we can’t function.

I would not put my judgment and my two bits theory to people with cancer or severe car crashes. Groddeck did. But maybe he was a little crazy.