How to address the challenges of learning a new instrument? Getting the right gear. Part 1 (piano)

After having made up your mind and decided that you will pursue piano or drums,  after taking a few lessons and have strengthen your determination,  you still don’t have an instrument.  Sometimes,  you don’t even have the room in your home to welcome a drum set or a piano.

Does that mean,  fellow readers of blogs of all furs,  that you should throw the towel?

No! Because there are a lot of solutions.

I’ll start with the piano.  If you cannot afford a grand piano,  or an upright piano, you can maybe get something electronic.  These kinds of piano can be very inexpensive. For a used one,  for example, you can find one for around $200. Not exactly nickels and dimes,  but that would be bottom of the barrel kind of money. Just make sure the keyboard has 88 weighted keys.  These are the magic words. You get an 88 weighted keys machine,  you got something close to the real thing.  Besides,  some keyboards are so thin that you can store them sideways in a closet before you set them on any kitchen table to practice.

Happy shopping!