How to address the challenges of learning a new instrument? Getting the right gear. Part 2 (The drum set)

For the drums,  it’s a bit different than for the piano (See part 1).  But not for the worse.  Read on!

So many drummers do not pursue their passion because they can’t fit a full drum set in their apartment.

First of,  a full drum set can be muffled.  So much so that it won’t make much noise at all.  But,  if you have a neighbor that complains a lot and can’t stand  noise, it might be difficult to do something about the pounding of your bass drum pedal through his ceiling.  Difficult but not impossible.  I’ll develop in some other blog.

Second,  if you don’t have the room for a drum set,  but your budget is not too limited,  you can get an electronic drum set. Some of them are fairly cheap while being reliable, sensitive and with good sounds.  Also,  plenty of them in the used market.

Finally,  if you really don’t have the room,  you don’t have much money at all and you don’t have nice neighbors, there’s still a solution: a set of practice pads!

Those are usually the cheapest substitute of drum set.  They might run you $150 to $200 new.  You will still need a few gear like bass drum pedal,  hi hat pedal, some cymbals and a seat. But those can be bought on the used market for a few dozen bucks.

Of course,  the cheapest of all the cheapest solution is pots and pans. That’s a lot of fun,  too!

The moral of this blog? When there’s a will,  there’s a way.