When I started teaching, I went with the guide lines my teachers gave me.  Everyone had the same kind of lesson.

But, as I encountered more and more different students, the cookie cutter method showed it’s limits.  It got me thinking that there was not one way of teaching. There were not two either. There were a thousand ways of teaching piano or drums. And the fascinating part was this: I could adjust indefinitely according to the personality and wishes of the student. And I could adjust not only according to them, but according to me. More than that, I could adjust according to their situation, where they were in their journey, in their days, in their moments. I discovered the infinite kingdom of productive human relationship.

My teaching got molded from those two approaches: a strong gradual method as well as a flexible way of tailoring the lessons to every student. I must say that this way of doing things allows me to stay engaged,  interested, enthusiastic,  for every lesson.