Something missing in music.

Music is slowly disappearing from schools. I am not saying anything new, here, this has been the trend for a very long time. And I know it is even worse for art, sewing, cooking, home economics and civic instruction, but it’s another debate. Right now, of the last barely surviving art recognized in school, we have music.

Yet the number of bands and programs are dwindling in favor of sports. Oh, I’m not going to pit sports against music, I just want to make a fairly quick point.

Sports, as it is promoted in schools, is supposed to enhanced social skills and team effort among our young lads and ladies. But, I would argue that music does the same. Music is nothing else than a social effort to improve the atmosphere, if I may say. Everyone learns her/his part (those parts do not have to be complicated either), and “One, Two, Three, Four!” off we go: Every body, through the process of listening, contributes to the common pot. The effort of the team make the whole thing better.

Of course, it doesn’t have the same physical demands as a game of Football or Basketball. And Sport does promotes also being in good shape. That is very important, no doubt. But does sport promotes studies and help improve the grades? Maybe! So far we can say maybe. At best! Versus music: for sure! All studies agree that music helps students of all ages in their quest for infinite “A’s”.

My point is this, for what music is missing, it more than compensate in terms of academics and preparing our youngster for the challenges they will face in life. Sport is essential, yes! But let’s not neglect a subject that will also benefit our young people to succeed in life.