Why a real piano or drum teacher is irreplaceable?

The difference between a teacher and YouTube is the progression.

A lot of people, these days, first step in my studio telling me they have tried to learn the drums or the piano without me, meaning without a teacher, and, clearly, they didn’t succeed. So, here they are, waiting for me to perform a miracle: make them learn the instrument of their dream.

I take on the challenge with a smile because I have a fewgreat weapon over YouTube: one of them would be the relationship of trust and fun that can be built between a teacher and his/her pupil. Now, it doesn’t work every time. Sometimes (rarely, though), students are not compatible. But, almost every time, it is easy to relate to someone who loves the drums or the piano. I love this job precisely for this reason: talking about piano or drums is what I like to do!

Another great tool I use all the time is tailoring the lessons to the needs of the students. Take, for example, a student real fresh from the outside world, really thirsty for knowledge and who has been longing to become the next Arthur Rubinstein or the next Dave Weckl (One is a great pianist, the other one a very technical drummer, you win nothing if you guess which one is which). Put her/him in my studio and, after a few pointed question, I can start making her/his dreams come true. And, from that little spark, I will establish a progression based on the student schedule/time/motivation she/he dedicates to music every week.