This morning is quiet. I just went outside. I live on a quiet block of the Mayfair park area.

I sat on the stairs of my house. Closed my eyes. Listened.

A few birds were chirping in the trees near by. Almost no cars were passing by in front of the house, there was just a small rumor in the distance from the busier streets. The tree leaves were rustling softly while a gentle wind was blowing. I could also hear the little claws of the squirrels who were playing in a nearby tree. From time to time a dog would bark. Or a dog owner would go by and give me a friendly hello.


This is music. This is the most important music, the one composers have been drawing their inspiration from for centuries. In the music of their environment they take the very feelings they will need to write something meaningful for them.

For example, the morning I just describe is peaceful, warm, urban, friendly. Since I feel great, I can add that the morning is rested, in shape to become a good day, fully awake and ready for coffee and adventures. Because I have my children, I can say that the morning is pregnant with all the activities and conversations a family has at the breakfast table.

All of these can be easily put to notes! It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be in a specific style.

Music! There’s nothing like it!