Sausage method

A lot of people who start an instrument have a vision, or an inspiration. Because they fell in love with the concerto for Piano #2 of Rachmaninoff or a drum solo by Ian Paige (Deep Purple), they have finally taken the decision to try the piano or the drums.

When they arrived at my studio, they are still fueled by this motivation. But, alas, what a mountain to climb! They are, you see, brand new beginners. The craft is not familiar at all for these folks.


So, I show them the sausage method. That method was first described by a French philosopher named Descartes, the one who said “I think, therefore I am”, yes that guy. The sausage method is very simple once you know it: cut the big task/project into little task/project to achieve your goal. The trick, at that moment, is to not lose motivation during the process. But that’s another subject.