The importance of a routine

Practicing is not easy labor. It can become a chore very quickly. So, one of the thing that can help, is a routine.

If we are accustomed to do some piano or drums everyday, preferably at a predetermined time, always with the same succession of exercises or subjects within the time of the practice, we can then just settle into a momentum. It takes the negociating part out of it.

I love a good routine, I have relied on this method to achieve some very rewarding skills in my life. It also realized that I am a creature that thrives when my life has rhythm.

Besides, the routine helps to structure a day. I can make my music routine the beginning of a productive day. Because coming out of the practice, my mind is fresh and awake, ready to tackle the challenges of the day.

How to establish a routine? I go with the 21 days method. For 21 days I do the routine, no matter what, then it is much easier to ride the wave.