Where do women go?

Although I have a few female students, I’ve never had more female students than male students. I have always had more men than women.

Now, before I think that it is just because of me, I need to say that when I went to Berklee College of Music, the ratio was about one woman for ten men. There were very few ladies at the school.

And so, my question, which, to this day I haven’t answered, is why?

I think that women have at least as much to say and contribute to music as men. Their sensitivity, their taste, their approach to life gives them a huge territory to explore in music. It is too bad that my numbers of female students is not just about equal as my men.

So, here’s my plea: women of the world, if you are considering studying an Instrument, please, do! Come and make us discover who you are through music. The world is eagerly waiting for your voice to be heard.