All music in a kitchen

Music is fun! I would even argue that music is the most fun a human being can have.

I give you a kitchen with standard equipment. I give you a bunch of kids from 3 to 77 years old. I give you the will to make something happening that is not cooking and, cataclop-cataclop! we have a party on our hands!

Take a salad bowl, turn it upside down! Please, grab that wooden spoon and tap the bottom. Have a smaller bowl for contrast with another spoon on your other hand! Get going! Don’t stop. Think of creative ways to play those two instruments. Keep it simple! Don’t lose the beat! You’re not here to display your technique, you’re here to be together, build a moment with all the people around you who are doing exactly the same thing. They are also going like crazy but with glasses, plates, butter knife, chop sticks, stoves, etc…

Every one go nuts! Look at their faces! They have a broad smile, they are moving, they are looking at each other, the shy ones become the bold ones, the bold ones become the crazy ones! Paaaaaaaarty!

Oh, and make no mistakes, this is not just a game, this is how all the music of the world was created. Because it was fun. Music is fun. Never forget that!