Here is what happened, part 2 (The revenge!)

So, Bob was not doing good.

And we talked.

One of the difficult part of being a professional musician is to keep your confidence. By confidence, I mean self love, the drive, the energy to know you can do the job. Bob had to retain a little love and appreciation for his own talent in order to keep going. That adventure had shaken him to the core. It was difficult to swallow that maybe it wasn’t his fault, that he had done nothing wrong, that maybe the band leader had messed up. Bob felt he had been treated unfairly, yes, for sure, but a deep part of himself was questioning the very pillars of his being. Was he good enough on the drums? Was he able to keep a gig for a long time? Was he an erratic man that made him unreliable and chaotic? What was it, what?

Here is what happened: he got fired and he doesn’t know why. That’s it and that’s all. Meanwhile he still needs to find another band, to go through auditions, he needs to teach the students he has, he needs to have enthusiasm and strength of character to keep going in all the other parts of his job. This is essential to his survival. So, what is he supposed to do? Nothing! He has to muster all of his determination and ignore the reasons he got fired, if there were any to begin with. His job is on the line. So he cannot, at least not until he has found a new working band, he cannot think about his failures. He had a gig, he did every thing he could for the gig, he didn’t commit any fault, at least none that should have made him be fired. He got fired nonetheless. He has to move on, and it is important that he retains not only his set of ethics, but his own dedication. Going into any audition dragging your feet is sure to make you fail.

So, Bob was confronted to the hardest part of being a musician: keeping the love of music inside his heart and believing that he can do the job because he has all the elements required to do it.

Nonetheless, Bob is not doing good. He didn’t know that music could be so cruel. And he is not sure that he has enough joy to keep going.

If I can, I’ll give you guys some news about him from time to time. Breaks your heart, doesn’t it?