Choosing a music teacher

And here we are in September now, summer almost over, back to school time, the children thinking the fun is in the past, the parents looking to sign up their youngster for different activities. And if one wants to include music in their education, the question comes: how do you chose a piano teacher? How do you pick the right drum instructor?


Yes, price. Let’s talk about it since for too many it seems to be the only compass they use to make their decision. For those, the choice is fairly easy. Because price almost always means low price. They shop around, get the best bargain, and it’s done.

What they will get for their money is another matter. Whether their child will get a teacher that keeps them motivated while acquiring a solid education, something they can build on and pursue for years to come with enthusiasm, with joy, with discipline doesn’t seem to enter in their calculations. Even if they just want their off spring to try, to see if they will like it.

But even with that, what kind of teacher they are getting is of utmost importance. Too often I get those student who got the wrong teacher to start with. They used to love the drums, they were really excited at the perspective of getting some lessons. They got some lessons. But the interest faded, the excitement petered out. And now the parents are in my studio with a pupil who is not sure anymore. The “bargain lessons” didn’t produce the expected results. They tell me something like: “We will give it one more try, I don’t want her to quit yet.” I feel the heartbreaks, the disappointments, the frustration. Music has become associated with negative feelings. I feel bad for these people.

So, in order to avoid those painful moments, I advise whoever reads this to consider something else besides money before they send their child to study music. Ask around, do some research on the internet, be prepared to invest a little money (not too much, it’s not about that either) and find the teacher that will give a true chance to your child to experience the study of an instrument. A little leg work will go a long way, and music, when studied correctly and with enthusiasm, is something that will help the child succeed in many other areas of his life. Sometimes the money is truly worth it.