Filling up a void in life with music.

If you are in trouble.
If you are getting lost.
If your evenings seem boring and empty.
If you find less and less reasons to get out of bed in the morning.
If you numb yourself with different medications: alcohol, TV, drugs, internet rants, procrastination, social medias.
If you find the burden of life to be too heavy.
If you cannot think straight about your problems.
If you lost the sense that you deserve anything better than what you live.
If your imagination is slowly drying up.
If everything has become a chore.
If your mind and body is progressively giving up the spark it used to have.
If nothing makes sense anymore.

Then studying and instrument can fill up the void.

And then you can dream of having an urge to get up in the morning.
To think of creative ways to solve problems.
To have the feeling you are achieving something important.
To never be bored again.
To connect with others in a constructive way.
To be productive every day about something you want to do.
To feel alive and kicking again.
To have feelings.
To have momentum.
To develop passion.
To refuse to procrastinate.
To breathe and take in life, to never feel numb again.
To shoulder the worries that we all have in a more confident way.
To refuse to be distracted.
To make the time move forward again.
To find a reason to live and keep going and enjoy that very process.
To feel the pride of what has been accomplished.
To feel the humility of what needs to be accomplished.

Then studying an instrument can be the most useful thing you’ve ever done in your life.