So young

The challenge with very young pupil is to teach them anything. Or so the saying goes. But, I found out that, actually, they are quite receptive to knowledge. Young mind want to know, they want to grow, they want to learn. But, you have to find the key to unlock their brain.

That is why I developed a tailored method in my teaching. I saw that the young students were all very unique, and very brash in their uniqueness. They couldn’t sugar coat their feelings, they couldn’t fake their curiosity. So, I asked myself: am I truly interesting? And it became the basis of my teaching: how to keep the young pupil insterested, how to capture their attention and keep it.

But then, once the method was devised, I realized I could teach them anything, from correct position at the piano to sight reading, from harmony to arranging. Their young and voracious mind would absorb anything I threw at them. The journey as a teacher of very young children has been, I must admit, a wonderful one. And when their nimble minds start to shine, oh boy, you’d better get some sunscreen!