Bleeding hands

These are the hands of a drummer after a concert. Now, before I get some comments saying that not all drummer’s hands are like that. I need to say, yes, I know. This is an extreme case, and that’s why it ends up on this page. But the point that I will still make is how demanding the job of the drummer is. On a typical three hours gig, in a normal classic rock band that plays a fairly wide variety of songs, from ballads to hard rock, the drummer has to have a lot more energy than, say, a bass player. Especially the type of bass player we all know: not moving much, engaged but reserved, feet together and eyes closed while swinging softly to the nirvana of music inside his head.
I will also say, among many other example, that during the Kiss reunion tour, Peter Criss couldn’t do a gig and his roadie filled in for him. Just one night. But at the end of the night, the roadie, who was a very experienced drummer, was absolutely exhausted. It was the hardest gig he ever did in his life! And he was half the age of Peter!