Broken drum stick

I remember when I broke my first drum stick. I was absolutely devastated. I thought I will never be able to play the drums anymore. But that was nothing compared to the despair I experience when I broke a drum head, the high tom drum head, to be precise. It was during a rehearsal and the stick just went through it. I felt so lost! My drum set was ruined. Oh no! Fortunately, at the time, I was playing with musicians who had a little more experience than me. The guitar player told me to go get another one.
– No big deal, he explained. Drum heads are cheap and plentiful. You can even chose the type you want. I would strongly recommend you to take the “Rock” type. The ones with the black dot in the middle.
At the time, I was playing (Should I say “hammering”) with huge sticks as big as a bridge pillars. Every fill had to be epic, you see. So, the louder I would carry my sound, the better!