One bad week.

So, you are doing good. Your life is on this track. The bills are paid, the friends are warm, the car is as reliable as a fridge. Your girlfriend is sweet, your pets are wagging their tails. As I said: you are doing good. You are doing great.

And then there is a parking ticket. Not a big one. Something pretty mild, almost normal for big city dwellers. Still, it is not pleasant. And your boss, your band leader, the store owner that hires you, whoever, tells you that you need to take a pay cut while working more hours. Again, not the end of the world. You shall survive, no doubt. But gone is that leather coat you pined for, gone is that extra drum set made of precious wood 2 million years old retrieved from the mud of the Caspian sea. And, of course, we can understand that you are mad. The parking ticket and the reduced pay check happened within 2 days. So, yes, there is quite a bit of material to seethe for.

But then, oh, but then. Then, a big one comes about. A really big one. One that cannot be categorize as a minor storm. You know the kind. That’s a pipe that bursts in your basement, flooding the studio you amorously invested in for the last five years. That’s the landlord telling you he’s selling the building and you are going to have to move next month, sorry and Happy New Year! That’s your girlfriend’s lover (who’s this joker?) that keys your car. That’s your identity that gets hacked and your savings are gone.

All of that in one week!

P.S: No, I do not have words of wisdom for that kind of things. It can take a whole year or more to recover from one bad week. Still, be careful out there. And Happy New Year!