The signs

When one tries to make it as a pro, one has to develop a nose, if you will, for people and situations. One has to make decisions upon those intuitions, those signs that things could go south very quickly.

Because music life is full of surprises. Good ones and bad ones. The ratio is about 5 to 7, if you want to know. For good or bad. It means for every 7 attempts to make something good happen, you’ll have to waste at least 2 of them. That’s if you’re lucky. Because you can also turn the number on its head and say that for 7 good things you try to make happen, 5 of them will go dud and only 2 will bring back the desired effects. These are more the odds I usually deal with (And you thought my life was a walk in the park!).

So, when the gods of fate are against you, what is it you can do?

Simple: think.

So there! done with this post. You got the problem, you got the solution. You need nothing else.

Whaaaaat? What is it? Someone arguing from the crowd? You didn’t get what you wanted? These blogs are a waste of time, a total joke. This is too simple, the solution cannot be just one word. Or, at the very least, I should extrapolate a little more.

Oh, all right! I’ll develop on the next post. You’ll recognize it easily, it’s called “The signs, part 2”.