Did you know?

I just learnt that Justin Bieber was a drummer. Actually, he still plays a bit of his show on the drums. So, it would be fair to say that Justin Bieber is a working drummer.

I think that’s great. And why not? Justin is someone that a lot of young people look up to. He has been a source of inspiration for many a teenager who dreamt of fame and fortune. Throwing a bit of drumming into the mix can’t be that bad. I’m sure he doesn’t show up on stage and play a silly little rock beat on the drum set. He must have a few skill on the instrument. And I can imagine that the boys and girls of this world watching their favorite star wailing on the skins must be thrilling. After all, the drums are very theatrical with the big motion of the arms and the enormous sounds.

Besides, I like the idea that a singer knows a thing or two about rhythm. So many of them have a problem in that area. It is a plague, really for them. I advise that anyone serious about singing take drum lessons. It will help not only their sense of rhythm but also their dynamics, their momentum, their ear for orchestration, their understanding of structure, their comprehension of musical colors.