The mission 2

That is where we use one lesson to talk. We need to sort a few things out. In particular this all so important question: what is Music?

Bob sits down and is willing to talk. He explains to me all the techniques he is not getting, what he should be understanding faster, what he ought to get right away. He should be able to do that song without any problem, it is right up to his level, after all. Or this concept should already be digested and moved towards improvisation.

I think I see what the problem is: Bob is on a mission. Music, properly practiced and tamed should give him all the satisfaction he demands. The more he serves Music and dedicate himself to the intricacies of its techniques, the more he should understand about it. And Music does not do that. Music obliges him to face a difficult question : what is Music? What is Music to Bob? Is it an emotion? An outlet to a stressful life? A door to a better world? A sport? An absolute to judge everything by? All of these diverse questions are valid and tackle some of the very reasons my students come to take drum or piano lessons.