The mission 3

But Music is not a mission, and Music is not an absolute. Music must be tailored to the dimensions of the person playing it. Only then will we have the chance to hear what is inside his heart, which is the only truly interesting part of Music. Music must be practiced and played with a lot of humility. It is not a given, it is not something you are entitled to. It’s techniques as well as its emotions has to be coming from a very simple place: the honesty of what you feel. If this song eludes you today, maybe you are not ready for it. Does it matter? Not really. Life doesn’t stop, it continues. Do another song, something you can grasp easily. Yes, do that, and dig the musicality in it. And chose the next song to not be so challenging that it makes you want to quit. Because the quitting part, that’s the cardinal sin. Music should never stop, just like you, and always, just like in life you need to find the resources to keep going.

Bob is very smart. He understands that in order to keep going and get to the next level, he will have to integrate some very real components of his life into his musical journey. But that is not an easy task. How can you dare to humanize Music and make it as small or grand as your trivial self? There is an act of audacious humility there, something both easy and daring to put together. Because there are many traps attached to that motion. You can start comparing yourself to the greatest players, for example. And what if you are not as significant, as deep as they are. Or you can decide that you will force yourself into a task, no matter the difficulty, by sheer strength and determination you will conquer all. That is another way to insure you will fail, another triumphant exit door.

So, Bob will have to do some simple thinking. What is his life made of? What has he understood about himself? What is the momentum of hi existence? And how can he talk about it in Music language like he’s explain8ng it to a five years old? Now, that’s the real trick: explaining it simply. Why? Because if it is obvious to him, it will be simple. For Bob it will be luminous because it will be Bob’s truth. And he will need to live his life at peace with Music. No mission. Just the linear life that keeps on going and keeps on giving.