The nine years old in us

If you look at the kit on the picture, and I hope it appears on your device, it is obvious that this is a magnificent drum kit. Yes, it is! And it is so for all of us, drummers of all ages and background. Why? Because it is not big, but monumental. It is the drum kit that will end all other drum kit that will be a drum kit until the end of time when there will be a drum kit.

Inside every one of us is that little 8 years old person that still thinks that shiny and bright things are attractive. And big things are the best. This kit is about that: gawking at the immense. Immense is cool. In that category you get the Grand Canyon, big quintuple layers chocolate cake and this kit. This drum kit, with its impossible scaffolding, its belly made of bass drums, it  looks like a percussive drumoceratop, that’s the dinosaur, the mightiest one, that scared all of the other dinosaurs when these creatures roamed the earth.

Yes, what I am writing barely make sense. But that’s my 8 years old speaking. The one inside me that used to look at Ludwig catalog in the 70’s and dream of owning the acrylic drum set, you know, don’t you remember? That’s the clear one, where you can see the little strips of light shining through. It was called the Vista Lite. There was a version with 10 toms and a millions glitz!