Who’s got the best music?

If you ever go to a festival, you will notice that the big act are usually in the evening. That’s when people are available. They get out of work, they go home, change, assemble with a few friends, and they’re ready to party. To a festival they go.

The early act are not as popular as the ones scheduled later in the evening, the big stars often appearing after 10 pm. If you have to get up early, that’s a tall order. But you will try to stay awake because you know these guys, you can sing some of their songs, you followed a few of their post on social media.

But that’s not the real reason you’re ready to endure a late night standing up with a rowdy crowd. The real reason is more complex than that.

I’ll give it one main factor, just for shock purpose.

Let’s talk about the sound engineer.

That guy will help the main band. He will boost the bass a little, raise the volume, EQ the reverb, tweak this, turn that, and, poof! like magic, all of the sudden, all the opening bands didn’t sound as tight, as precise, as accurate as the stars doing their thing right now on stage. Listen to that groove, Bubba! That’s a hip-shaker if I ever heard one!

Why do they have to sound better? Follow the money, this way, please. The organizers assume that people paid their ticket to see “THE GREAT BAND”, and not “the smaller BAND”. So, “THE GREAT BAND” has to sound more impressive, more focused, more prepared.

Because, imagine, as I am sure it happened many time, that the opening band is better in every way than the headliners! Would people be disappointed? Would they boo the stars off the stage? Maybe! But, more importantly, they might ask their money back! Ouch! Absolutely not! We don’t want that!

So, the sound engineer helps what he can.

And yes, it is a rule. If you go to concerts, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t notice yet, pay attention, and tell me if I’m wrong.