Few concepts on one rock beat: 3

Anchor points: In the rock beat accent the hi hat on the down beat (Which goes great for many rock songs.). Or accent the up beat (For a song like Heavy cloud no rain” by Sting.). Drummers should really understand what are the anchor points they need to emphasize in the beats they play. It’s also a great way to play a song a little different, to give it a personality that’s not the same as its sister who happens to have the same beat.

Dirt: Play the rock beat while progressively opening the hi hat to add some dirt to the beat. That is a common thing to do, we all heard it. Not as common is to crush the stick that hits the snare to get some buzz out of it. The accuracy of the beat must stay the same though. The player can also tune the snare wires really lose to get a very dirty sound from it. As for the bass drum, playing with the beater in the drum head or not will afford a few variations, as well as getting rid of all the padding inside the shell and explore that concept.