Few concepts on one rock beat 1

One rock beat: 8th notes on the hi hat, snare on 2 and 4, bass drum on 1 and 3. Use this beat for all the different concepts.

Simultaneity. This is when two or more sound sources happens at the same time. In a simple rock beat it means the bass drum and the snare drum must be exactly aligned with the hi hat. If one needs to check if it is done properly, one can play the hi hat line on the snare drum (the other hand on 2 and 4 will ALSO be on the snare). While playing the goal is to listen and make sure there are no flams at all between the different voices.

Behind, on top or ahead: A variation on simultaneity, this time, while the bass and snare will stay where they are (glued to the metronome for example), the right hand will drag a little bit. After that the hi hat will have to be exactly with the other instrument. Then speed up a little and keep that hi hat ahead of the bass drum and snare drum. The game for the player is to decide where his hi hat will be, how much of a gap he wants between the sounds and keep it there exactly. Then he can try the same game moving the bass drum, then moving the snare, etc… One great band to illustrate this concept: Creedence Clearwater Revival. Songs: The fortunate sons (Rushing bass drum). Not at all the same feel as Proud Mary (Behind the beat drum part).