Hamilton 2

Hamilton was one of the guy who built this country. He created the american banking system as we know it.



And hip-hop form is the form of choice to describe those uncertain times when the Americans claimed this land?

Yes, it is! I would argue that there is no other form better suited for that.

They had to talk a lot. The founding fathers, I mean. Oh, I know, there were a few silent ones among them. But creating a new political system takes a lot of words. A lot! Because, you see, when you are creating a way to govern men and organize the society, people will be drawn to go back to the familiar. In this case: to be the subjects of a King (Whichever one, doesn’t really matter) and carry on with business as usual.

In order to move that needle towards something new, you need a diarrhea of word (Or a very strong army, but that’s another story). And they moved that needle not only towards something new, but something more free. Where people can express themselves more freely, where their opinion is more respected, their voices more heard. What a gamble!

But they had to explain to the population as well as define to themselves, what were the limits of that freedom. That’s the part where hip-hop comes in. That’s where you need to talk a bunch.

And, since you are reading a blog about percussive instrument (Drums and piano), I’ll say an abvious thing: hip hop is a percussive instrument. Words used rhythmically: Hip-hop.

All revolutionaries had to explain what they wanted. Even if their vision was clear and their determination strong: others are going to have their own opinions and they will have to express it as they listen and listen as they express, which, by the way, is one of the cog of a working democracy.

The parallel with other country is very important. But it’s time to go to another blog.