The first big Opera of the 21st century has millions of dedicated fans. Ever since it started it was a sensation. Lin Manuel Miranda, its creator, has been recognized as a modern genius, the cast is celebrated everywhere, and, in the tradition of all the great Broadway musicals, it has offspring sprouting in other towns like Chicago.

We went to see it last week with my very excited family. Very excited.

I didn’t like it, but I loved it.

The decor? There is not much. Very few props. Narration? Almost nothing. Everything is sung. Glamorous shining costumes? Nope again. This is a period piece, and, as such, it respect the colors of the era. Just the King of England is jazzed up like a ridicule puppet.

So, what is there to see?

The concepts, the story, the characters, the music, the performances. That is where it stands.

And what is to see is brilliant.

I am not going to dish out yet another review of the show. For that you can just go to any newspaper worth it’s dime in digital print.

But I will talk about patriotism.

On the next blog.