Multiple instrument 2

Because we were forming a band, I had to pick up the bass. Every one dabbles in bass playing. Every one thinks they know how to play. But what a complex instrument. How difficult it is to carve a groove, how demanding it it to hold it! The bass is very difficult. One has to consider every note as a pure note. It fills up so much space. It needs a lot of conviction, of determination for a bass part to be sing.

And, because no rock band goes without the guitar, I played the guitar. I liked it. I’m still the one who does most guitar part in our band. It is a complete instrument as much as the piano. And I know that statement will make many people cringe. But guitar is among the rare ones that can complement any human voice, from Pavarotti to Bob Dylan. It can be percussive, melodic, harmonic. It is probably the most versatile thing in a rock band.