Multiple instruments 3

And, because no rock band goes without the guitar, I picked up the guitar. I liked it. I’m still the one who does most guitar parts in our band. It is a complete instrument as much as the piano. I know that statement will make many people cringe. But guitar is among the rare ones that can complement any human voice, from Pavarotti to Bob Dylan. It can be percussive, melodic, harmonic. Add some effects and it becomes a symphony orchestra all on its own. It is probably the most versatile thing in a rock band.

So, here I am. 50 years old and playing 5 instruments. I teach only 2 of them. I stick with what I know I can teach. Every single one of those instrument taught me something different, though, something that I use every day in my lessons. It has made me aware of the vastness of music, its depth, its philosophy. I am very glad I explored a bit. When I have to direct a band, I know exactly how to talk to each player. When I accompany other musicians, I know what I am required to do. It gives me an edge. It is part of my musicality. By the way, musicality is the sum of everything you know in music. That’s what you bring every time you’re about to play a note.