When the inspiration is not there 1

Every creator has to deal with writer’s block, as they are called, which describe a creator (not necessirily a writer, could be a pottery maker) that doesn’t feel the flow of idea coming to him. As always he sat down to do his deed, but nothing comes to his mind. Or, everything that comes seems to be dull, boring, worthless. So, he stalls, procratinate, choose the word you prefer. He pushes and pushes. And nothing. Just the trash bin that gets filled up.


So, every one has a trick. For the drummer, for example, he might want to listen to great drummers to get some inspiration. Or dive into a technical exercise, a warm-up of sorts that will get his limb going. The idea being that if the limbs are going, it’ll trigger the mind. There are litterally a hundred ways to destroy a writer’s block. As many ways as there are creators.

But don’t contain yourself to just one every time you’re stuck. You can use a different one for each passing day.

I know only one method that works every time, though. I’ll explain it in the next blog.