Making peace with music part 1

I teach two kinds of students, mainly. The kind that is pro, and the kind that is not a pro and needs to understand how to make room for music in her life.

This blog is about the second kind. The ones that will eventually make music their hobby.

So, here goes a typical script.

They come to their first lesson, oh, boy! they are pumped up! The ctalog of worries and problem they have in their life had better move away, because here comes the new passion, the new path to follow: Music.

The first lesson is always easy. Or, at least, it is light and strong. It’s because it carried by their enthusiasm, their hunger, their excitement.

For most, the first month is also pretty straight forward. They are doing the assignments without asking questions. They come to the lesson, they practice, they enjoy the process of learning.

For a few, the first year stay in that fashion. Some get to play with other musicians. Some get to perform in front of their family for Christmas! Some even get a gig and try their luck in front a real crowd with real strangers and all. No matter what, for those who are able to get to that step: they love it.

I’m talking here about the most tenacious students.

As for the very exceptional students, the one who are beyond tenacious, they get to incorporate music into their life. They do some gigs, they form friendship in that area of their life, they even get to try different instruments, branching out and studying guitar when they started with drums.

And for those music will always be a nice part of their life.