Making peace with music part 4

We all have obstacles that prevent us from playing an instrument. Even musicians have a hard time practicing. Yes, even us!

Practicing music and staying motivated to learn will always be a challenge (even if playing music is your job). Life gets in the way: cleaning the house, spending time with the family, running a few errands, etc. Learning music requires to put aside a little time alone, some part of your schedule to be reserved just for that. And that’s difficult to do when there are that many great shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime, am I right or am I right?

So life will pull you away from studying. It is unavoidable.  But it is not necessarily an obstacle.

Modern life wants variety, excitement, speed.

That can be translated in practicing an instrument.

Modern life also requires technology. Good! So does music.

Modern life asks for privacy (I’m talking about the time we spend on the internet looking up things that only WE are interested in).

Same for music. As I said, alone time is necessary.

And modern life demands fun. All sorts of fun.

And, here again, music will deliver. Perhaps the greatest fun of all.

If we take that sausage from the other end, we can consider that we have obstacles that prevent us from binge watching all the seasons of “Black mirror”. After all, we all have to live in a clean apartment, eat healthy food, exercise and communicate with family and friends. We are very aware that staying in front of the TV for hours will be at the expense of something else in our life. Something very important.

So, why not music? Because we don’t see the excitement behind the subject of music.