Making peace with music part 7

One has to be aware of the obstacles one self creates. The most powerful motor I ever saw at work to stop a student from achieving his goals was his own brain. We are worried over little things. Nothing, really. Who cares if someone else learnt that exercise faster or slower? That’s a common one that people ponder. I’ll give you another: My job just transferred me to another town: no more drumming! Meaning: all the efforts and money invested in the hobby went down the drain.  That’s a good one. The most common are these ones, though: I am too busy, that’s one. And: I ran out of money, that’s two. Can’t argue with those. Actually, I’ll rephrase: You can’t argue with these at the time the student says it. Because before they get there, they could have told you those changes were coming and something could have been done to prevent them from stopping the piano.

So, let’s talk about a few of these points.

Yes, your job transferred you somewhere else. 1000 miles away. Yes. Got it.

And so what?

You take a pair of sticks with you if you’re a drummer. You get a little portable electronic keyboard for piano player (So cheap these days!). You find a place that can accommodate your instrument. You explore your new environment, you meet new people, new co-workers, you go out to see a few local bands, you introduce yourself as someone that wants to play, you ask where to look for musicians, etc… The list of resources to tap into is pretty long. In any case: you keep music in your routine! You fight to have it as part of your life. That’s the joy of playing!