Making peace with music part 8

Let’s tackle the “I’m too busy” argument.

No, you’re not. I repeat: No, you are absolutely not. What you are is either bored, or disgusted or not interested, etc… These are emotions, not facts of life. You can have one busy week, maybe another one or two throughout the year that you really can’t grab a pair of sticks or run a few scales. But besides that, you have plenty of time to pursue your hobby. Besides, if you take lessons with me, you should have opened up and tell me how you were expecting to be swamped with work or family stuff. You and I would have devised a plan tailored just for your need to get you through your difficult spot. Because I would have made sure that you keep the will to continue. Not in a Green-Beret-walk-or-die kind of way, but in a let’s look at your life and help you figure out where you can do some piano in a safe mode, and keep the fun alive.

Last argument I need to talk about: “I don’t have any money”.

S’all right: you don’t need to. During the depression, people made instruments from cigar boxes or washing tubs. For drummers, two sticks of wood and ANY surface would do. For piano, there were pianos everywhere. Pianos are not so common these days. But, if you have been studying piano for more than a month, chances are, you already have a piano or a keyboard. Meaning: you can practice. So, you don’t need money. Just keep going.  Keep your passion alive. You can still go and try finding some musicians to play with. That’s free. You can still prepare a few pieces to perform for a love one. That’s free too. Oh, but you are also too busy. No such thing. Refer yourself to the previous blog.

So, you see, people put up impossible obstacles that prevent them from enjoying what they like. And a little preparation would go a long way. No, not practice, I’m not talking about that. They don’t see the room in their life that’s necessary to fit this new hobby.  They’re hoping it will naturally find its place in their daily routine. They are some exceptions, but these are just that: exceptions. Not the rule. For most people, you have to  make room in your schedule, in your mind, in your apartment, in your priorities, in your plans. I insist: in your plans.

Plan things and keep the precious stuff in your life. That’s it. That’s the secret. These are the keys to the golden city. Plus, as you plan, dream of the good things, the rewarding things that will happen when you achieve your goals. Dream is the cement of our motivation, and time is the hardening ingredient. When you combine the too, you can build the home of having a durable hobby.