Preparation 2

I talk to musicians. I have a conversation with them. They can chose the subject themselves. It doesn’t really matter. I’m often here to let them know that someone out there understand what they are going through. That someone listens. It’s usually enough to keep them sane. Yes, sane. I said sane. Because practicing something for hours every day, loving it so much it is aching inside you and being told by your family, your friends and your colleagues (at work or in school.) that you will never make it as a pro, that will drive anybody insane.

Most musicians can’t help but be musicians. As a matter of fact, that’s how you know that someone will embrace the profession. Because they don’t have an explanation for it. Although they have been told repeatedly that it is crazy, that they will never make it: they still want to be musicians. They present to you that impossible riddle.

My part is to not reject that proposition. My part, as a teacher is to show them what being a musician is about and guide them towards their goal. They have already heard about all the doom that awaits them. They know their fate is not looking good, all the cards in their tarot game are dark and ominous. No need to rub it in.

I try to help them. The question is how. How do you help someone that’s entangle in an impossible mind knot: meaning wanting to do the impossible.