Too controversial 2

Parents have been silently pushed towards negligence for a long time. Society doesn’t make a mystery of it. It started with the TV in the 50’s and 60’s.  4 or 5 hours of TV everyday for each child. We are now in a very developed digital era where every young person has things in their ears, in their hands or on their mind, that is not the reality they are in. Distractions, distractions, distractions. 4 hours a day of video games, of social media. Or is it just 2 hours the national average? Same difference. Why is it negligence from the parents? And why do I say I am so controversial?

Because of this little sentence: Kids are not supposed to be in charge. Yes, even teenagers. They are not supposed to do whatever they want. They are supposed to be educated by their parents. But, again, society asks parents to each work a job, or two, or three, to make more money, to buy bigger house, to keep up with the Kardashian, so to speak. And the children are the waste of that trend. They are supposed to wait for Daddy to finish his work, which can last until 7 pm. Then he goes back home. And the poor dad wants nothing else but a hot meal in front of a football game on TV. I wrote “Daddy”, I could have written “Mummy”, just the same. Even the suburban housewife refuses to participate in their children’s lives. They’ll drop them off at baseball, basketball, clarinet lessons. And they will call it parenting. Yes, some of them will coach the team. I know. Not all parents are made the same. I am not talking about the exceptions here. I am talking about the vast majority of children that have superficial relationships with their parents. I am talking about the opioid epidemic, I am talking about the rise of alcoholism among suburban moms, I am talking about the decline of homed courses in schools, of music and arts. I am talking about all these children that come back from school to an empty home.

That’s the controversial part. My controversial part.